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submarine sandwich coupon

Quizno Coupon Specials

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Quizno coupon specials can help you save some cash on a great toasted submarine sandwich. Quiznos, the second largest retailer of submarine sandwiches (after none other than Subway) as the originator of the toasted sub, even though other chains have now Quiznos coupons sub sandwichfollowed suit and started copying Quiznos’ innovation. But that’s ok, because Quiznos has legions of loyal and devoted repeat customers who know that Quiznos’ products are high quality and can not be duplicated.

Quiznos frequently offers Quizno coupon deals that can bring the price of your sandwich or meal don even further than it already is. I love the feeling of getting such a great sandwich at a discounted price. You can get your discount too, by following the coupon links below.

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Blimpie Coupons

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Get yourself some Blimpie coupons and save money on your next submarine sandwich feast! Blimpie restaurants is the third biggest submarine sandwich restaurant chain (in first and second place are of course Subway and Quiznos). The first Blimpie’s restaurant began in 1964, and has since grown into a franchise chain of 2000 branches across the US and internationally.

I personally have no specific preference for Blimpie subs. I like Subway, Quiznos, and Blimpie, I think they all make great food. But it’s nice to have a little variety and Blimpie adds an extra dimension to the submarine sandwich market so I like to eat there sometimes and support them.

Below you can find a Blimpie coupon link to save some bucks on your next submarine meal!

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