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McDonalds Cupons

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McDonalds is possibly the most famous restaurant chain in the entire world.  For decades it was the chain with the largest number of outlets worldwide, and it still retains that brand recognition that ignites the memories and imaginations of both children and adults worldwide. No matter what they say about nutrition, almost everybody still eats at least the occasional McDonald’s meal. It’s a way of life for some, and a naughty temptation for others.

I have no idea how McDonalds has kept its prices so low over the years with such little increase. But no matter the reason, it’s fantastic! It means that I get more bang for my buck. My favorite McDonalds item these days is not actually a burger or fries, it’s the McFlurry blended ice cream dessert. I especially love the Kit-kat flavor. But they can be a little pricey compared to simple soft-serve ice cream cones, so I try to find McDonalds cupons whenever I buy one.  The best way to get McDonalds cupons is to join the McDonalds “preferred subscribers” list (link below). There are other links below for McDonalds coupons, but beware of the area of validity. Many are local and valid only at particular branches.

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Hardees Coupons

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Hardees CouponsHardees coupons offer you a great chance to get some great food at an affordable price, cheaper than usual. Hardees is known for “Charbroiled Thick Burgers”. They sell great hamburgers, french frieds, milshakes, and other fast food staples. One of their bestselling products is the “monster thickburger”, a double-bacon cheeseburger containing a whopping 1410 calories and 107 grams of fat!! Hey, I don’t want to die from a hamburger, but if that’s your thing be my guest! The Monster Thickburger sells like hotcakes.

Hardees may not be well-known outside of the US, but it is actually the fourth largest fast-food burger chain (behind McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s). This statistic is inclusive of Carl’s Jr., which has a different name but is closely tied to Hardees.

Below you can find links for Hardees coupons. Enjoy a massive Monster Thickburger or other suicidal meal soon.