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Hometown Buffet Coupons

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Hometown Buffet is actually the same as Old Country Buffet, or OCB as it is commonly called. So if you have some Old Country Buffet Coupons, you can use those at Hometown Buffet too. I don’t exactly know why they have more than one name for the same chain, but I do know that in certain regions one of the two names is chosen over the other.  In any case, both sub-chains serve the same great variety of country style buffet dishes in a relaxed family-friendly atmosphere.

Hometown Buffet couponsHometown Buffet is known for having tastier dishes than other cheaper buffets. That keeps its customers coming back even though the prices are not as low as a few other chains. And of course the smart people among us know that Hometown Buffet coupons can help you save, and bring your cost down almost as low as those other chains of inferior quality.  You can find coupons by joining the Hometown Buffet E-Club on the company’s website, or by perusing some online coupon sites like the ones below with entries for Hometown Buffet.

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