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Max and Erma’s Coupons

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Get some Max and Erma’s coupons to enjoy some great and affordable casual dining. I personally get quite sick of experiencing the same old thing every time I go out to eat, so i find it refreshing to visit a place as creative and original as Max & Erma’s. It also makes me sad when such unique businesses go bankrupt! I wish more people would patronize these cool places and show the owners some love.

Max and Ermas CouponsOne of the interesting things aout Max and Erma’s restaurants is that they each had a bathtub that had been made into a sundae bar! That’s kind of freaky and bizarre, but also kind of cool. It’s like every kid’s dream to dive into a sundae bar of that size.

Max & Erma’s, aside from the funky atmosphere, are known for their huge messy burgers that are covered with huge amounts of toppings. Particularly the “Garbage Burger” (I love that name!) is definitely an experience you need to have at least once.

Experience it at a lower price by using the Max and Erma’s coupons in the links below.


Hardees Coupons

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Hardees CouponsHardees coupons offer you a great chance to get some great food at an affordable price, cheaper than usual. Hardees is known for “Charbroiled Thick Burgers”. They sell great hamburgers, french frieds, milshakes, and other fast food staples. One of their bestselling products is the “monster thickburger”, a double-bacon cheeseburger containing a whopping 1410 calories and 107 grams of fat!! Hey, I don’t want to die from a hamburger, but if that’s your thing be my guest! The Monster Thickburger sells like hotcakes.

Hardees may not be well-known outside of the US, but it is actually the fourth largest fast-food burger chain (behind McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s). This statistic is inclusive of Carl’s Jr., which has a different name but is closely tied to Hardees.

Below you can find links for Hardees coupons. Enjoy a massive Monster Thickburger or other suicidal meal soon.