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Longhorn Coupons

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Longhorn coupons can help you save some money on your next big steak dinner! Who doesn’t love a nice thick juicy steak? That’s real men’s food for you!

Longhorn Steakhouse is chain of American restaurants located in the eastern USA and Peurto Rico. It currently holds about 100 branches. Like its name suggests, it is a steakhouse specializing in steak and other grilled meats. The restaurant theme is Texas or Western theme, with decorations that arouse that kind of imagery and atmosphere.

One of the best steaks there is the Flo’s Filet, which is one of the best sellers. Other menu items include ribs, chicken, fish and seafood, and salads. Each branch features a full bar which is great for drinkers like me!

Below are some Longhorn coupons links. I hope you can find some great discounts, specials and freebies for Longhorn Steakhouse!