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Uber Coupons – $5 off First 3 Rides!

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Uber has taken thUber Coupone world by storm with its smartphone-commanded private

driver-for-hire service. Not everybody loves Uber, in particular Taxi Drivers. But those of us who respect the free market and believe that competition is good, have welcomed Uber with open arms. They`re bringing an improved experience to the consumer, which can never be a bad thing.

And Uber is smart. They know that promotional offers can help take their service to new heights. Though they can`t give these deals to everybody, because that would probably bankrupt them! But they discreetly release a few coupons out into the public so that the real bargain-seekers will find them and have a great experience with their brand.


We have one of those such Uber promotional coupon codes:


If you go to and register for the service for the first time, on the registration form there is a field for “promotional codes”. Cut and paste the above promo code into the field and proceed to register. Your account will automatically be credited with $5 off for your first three rides!

This code is good until December 31, 2015.

As always, enjoy!