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Clorox Coupons

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Clorox is big company with quite a large range of products, something which most consumers don’t know. Most people associate Clorox with Clorox Bleach. That is their flagship product and what makes their company famous. They have a number of variations of the bleach product, the one I use the most is Ultra Clorox because it is more concentrated and not so liquidy, so it’s easier to pour without spilling it on the wrong place. It is strong and can’t be used on non-colorfast clothing items, so you’d better use it in a separate load with your whites. But lightly patterned, mainly white items are usually ok.

Clorox has always been very reasonably priced. But as all you homemakers know, the cost of all those individual home maintenance items adds up and can get pretty expensive at the end of the day. So every dollar counts, which is why so many people are looking for Clorox coupons. The links below are great sources of Clorox coupons and special offers. I have used them and benefited from them and I hope you will too.