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Gillette Shaving Coupons

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Shaving and shaving accessories seem like a very cheap purchase on first thought, until you think about it more carefully. Razors aren`t terribly expensive, because the shaving companies make most of their profits from razor blades! Consumable, disposable products like razor blades are things that we use for a while, then throw away, then buy again – over and over and over. So the price of shaving can definitely add up over time.

But luckily there are some deals available. One company that consistently offers up-to-date coupons is Gillette. Look down below for a coupon that`ll get you three dollars off a new Gillette Fusion Proglide (I have one myself and highly recommend it).


And here is another coupon for $1 off Gillette shaving cream. Click on the coupons to get the most up-to-date versions.


Bed Bath and Beyond Coupons 2015

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Bed Bath and Beyond is currently the absolute best shop chain selling home decor goods in North America. “The triple B”┬ábegan as a shop in New York where you could buy goods for your bedroom and connected bathroom, such as fragrance soaps, potpourri, air fresheners, as well as linens and cute decorations. But it has grown into much more than just a novelty comfort shop and has ground into a home decor and household wares superstore, with everything you need to make your home more comfortable and beautiful.

But who cares, right?! You just want to save money! Well, you`re clearly in luck because if you look down below you`ll see a nice pair of 20% off coupons for Bed Bath & Beyond. Just print these out and present them in store at the register to claim your discount on any single item. Note that these are discounts for a single item, not for an entire purchase. So you should use these only if you are planning to buy a fairly big item.

These coupons have no expiry date! Yay! It`s nice to relax with no time constraint.












Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon 20% off any item